Rapid Prototyping (FDM/FFF) – Our printers can print accurate, durable items with production volume from single run to hundreds of items.  Cost based on machine hours.

Multiple printers with build areas ~300x300x350mm

.1 to .4mm layer height, variable infill and

Many materials to choose from (PLA, PETG, ABS, Nylon, Polycarb)


Small Batch Electronics Production – We have capability to build small batch runs of SMT/Through hole electronics.  In house Pick and place, Reflow ovens, ESD protection, Hand soldering, etc.

Manncorp MC384V Pick and Place with paste dispenser

Manncorp Passaat 5 Zone reflow oven – conveyor and fingers (double sided boards)

Manncorp Essemtec 3 Zone reflow oven – conveyor

Solder stencil machine

Metcal Soldering irons

Hotair and preheater for rework

Binocular Microscope for visual inspection


One-off/Hand Built Prototypes – Hand assembly, reflow and testing of prototypes down to a single board.


Wire cutting service – We have an in house automated wire stripper/cutting line which can be set to do most gauges needed with variable lengths and strip.

Eubanks 4900 Wire cutter/Stripper

Schleuniger Eco Cut 3300

Schleuniger Unistrip 2100

Schleuniger Prefeeder 1100

Hand cut and strip available


Post-Production QA – Full inspection, testing and rework capability for assemblies not made in house (i.e. post China QA).

Visual inspection under magnification

Full testing and packaging


CAD Services – Design using Autodesk Fusion360 in house.